Exploring New Port


Las week my family and I went on a road trip, our first stop was New Port. It´s a summer destination for sailing, site seeing, shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather. After being there for two days I can finally say it´s amazing, it definitely has a special vibe that makes you want to slow down and relax.


We first visited two mansions, Marble House and my favorite, The Breakers.


After touring the homes which you are not allowed to photograph, we wandered into the backyards. We were surprised with some of the most beautiful views of the ocean.


DSC_0260Later that day we went to a not so glamorous place but exciting nonetheless, Fort Adams.


The tour guide was very passionate and the tour ended up being a bit too long for my liking but still it´s always fun to explore an abandoned building.

DSC_1927-3At the end of the day we went off to Bannister´s Wharf, the perfect place to enjoy the night and have a good eat.  After seeing all of this and a bit more it was time to continue with the road trip and as we were leaving I felt like staying there forever.

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