Summer Chia Pudding

During summer one of my favorite things to do is to try out new recipes, with this said they have to be super easy or else something goes wrong! After trying some out, I can definitely say this is one of my favorites.



– 1/4 cup of chia seeds

– 1 cup of the milk of your choice

– 1 cup of the yogurt of your choice

– Honey

– Fruit


Mix yogurt, milk and as much honey as you like , then add chia and mix. Later place it in the fridge for at least and hour or preferably over night, the chia will expand and a yummy pudding will form. Cut fruit and add it on top, I especially like strawberries and figs but any fruit will do!


11 thoughts on “Summer Chia Pudding

    1. I´m so happy I could help you find a new way to use your chia seeds! Oh and before I forget, I loved your post on the boy with the blue mask, It must be amazing to see the kids at the camp evolve!


    1. Thank you! Although I love chia, I know for some people it´s something of an acquired taste because of it´s texture! Still definitely give it a go and see what you think! Oh and no it´s not a placemat it´s actually a wine cork frame!


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